Architectural Projects

Public Buildings

  • Archaeological Museum of Veria
  • Building Restoration in the upper city of Thessaloniki
  • Vlachogiannio Museum of Newer History and Art
  • Multipurpose Cultural Center of Ierissos
  • Protection and Presentation of twin tobacco-store-houses Ango - Popof
  • Office building: Municipality of Thessaloniki - Monastiriou Str. 53-55
  • New Temporary Exhibitions Building at the ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace (LEEMTH)
  • Administration Building Municipality of Thermi
  • New veterinary Lab Building (ETHIAGE)

Private Buildings

  • Three floor office building with ground floor shops and basement
  • Office Building with a Mc Donalds shop on the ground floor
  • Bank Branch of Bancorex
  • Three floor office building with ground floor shop
  • Various multi floor apartment-houses / single estates
  • Νew medical laboratory building

Archaeological Sites

  • Ancient Roman Forum of Thessaloniki

Waterfronts - Squares

  • Rebuilding of the new waterfront of Thessaloniki
  • Rebuilding of waterfronts on the island of Amouliani
  • Restructuring of the side roads of Asprovalta
  • Restructuring 5 Squares Municipality Vissa
  • Restructuring the entry square of Grevena City


  • Silk Reproduction industry
  • Diary industry
  • Candy manufacture building


  • Hotel Aurora