Planning Bureau Dipl.Ing. I.G. FILIAS

The Bureau provides Technical Planning / Consultancy / Supervision for projects in the fields of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering concerning installations for:

  • Buildings in the domestic and public sector (e.g. houses, offices, administration buildings, cultural centers, museums, theatres)
  • Public locations (e.g. archaeological sites, parks, squares, waterfronts)
  • Public Facilities (e.g. roads, water supply, wastewater piping, wastewater treatment, landfill sites)
  • Industrial Applications

covering the subjects:

  • Remote Control, Supervisory and Automation Systems
  • Electrical Low Voltage Installations (Security, CCTV, Telecommunication and Data networks)
  • Electrical Power Installations with an operating voltage up to 20kV
  • Domestic / Public Pipe work (wastewater / irrigation / drinking water)
  • Heating
  • Large Scale Heating Applications with gas-fired luminous and radiant tube heaters
  • Large Scale Heating Applications with gas-fired air-heaters
  • HVAC (Heating – Ventilation – Air-conditioning)
  • HVAC applications with gas-fired absorption heat pumps
  • Floor Heating - Cooling systems with Geothermal or Air-Water Heat Pumps
  • Elevation Systems (Lifts)
  • Gas supply - Gas utilization (Earth gas - Landfill gas)
  • Lighting (indoor / outdoor / streets)
  • Electromechanical part in Hydraulic Projects (i.e. Pumping-facilities for wastewater / irrigation / drinking water)
  • Fire Protection
  • Lightning Protection

The bureau can provide independently or in conjunction with the a.m. project types Investment- OR- and Organizational Studies.